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Sunday love

My hands on his sides I kiss his belly, kiss up his chest and undo the top button of his jeans.

“Show me,” I say standing back, “slowly.”

“Mmm,” I say, “Turn around.”

My fingers down his back, lingering at the places that make him moan.

“Oh, mmm, Zo,” he says.

I’m gentle, caressing, exploring. My palm down his bottom.

I kiss his back.

The feeling, like warm water, spreads through me.

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It’s just starting to get light. I’m sipping a latte at the little cafe and watching for him.

I think about yesterday; my hand on his belly, his green eyes in the sun and then he comes around the corner. Jeans, blue shirt. He looks happy.

He heads toward the apartment. I’m holding the latte in both hands.

He glances across the street, he sees me and smiles that Jesse smile.

My heart warms.

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Anonymous asked: I hope this doesn't come across as malicious or accusatory -- that's not the intention -- but I was curious if Jessie knew about your (short lived) fantasies regarding other people.

Yes he does. I’m not shy about expressing my thoughts. I think most people have these kind of thoughts. It’s an odd thing though to think about what it would be like, but have no desire to actually do it.