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Anonymous asked: I am currently pining after a guy named Jesse, which makes randomly stumbling onto your blog feel like I've fallen head over heels into a puddle. I want to think it's a "sign" I'll actually snag him, but I don't think so. Instead I will just keep reading. <3

A boy in your bed is better than a boy in your head. Stop reading and go after him.

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Just musing

He heads off to class and I roll into the warm place he’s left in the bed. I touch the outline left by his naked body and fall back to sleep.

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Winter’s day

His three fingers make a trail in the oil down my belly.

Then he uses his palm to smooth my pubic hair.

He uses his finger tips to trace my labia.

He’s been at this a while.

My body feels electric with his touch.

I want him to fuck me.

He bends down and kisses me. He tastes of tea and oranges.

I can feel a little puddle of oil on the table between my legs.

A shiver goes through me; maybe a draft from the snow.

"Turn over," he says, urging me with his hand.

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The experiment

"Put your foot up on the chair," Jesse says.

He puts his arms around me and I can feel him hard against my bottom.

"Not right," he says, "A little low or something,"

"How about this?" I say, straddling the chair, with both hands on the back of it.

I feel his hand on my back and then he’s inside of me. All the way.

"Oh, Mmm," I say.

He doesn’t move. It feels hot and full and so good.

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Before bed

“With your tongue,” I say, “And then, at the end, use your fingers.”

“Okay, stand up,” he says.

I like that he always unzips my jeans carefully. They drop to the floor. He kisses me through the panties then turns me around and slides them down.

He stands, kisses my cheek, my neck, and down my back.

He pulls the tee shirt over my head.

His fingers are warm on my nipples.

“Mmm, don’t stop,” I say, leaning back into him.

I can feel the heat from him through his clothes.

He turns me around again kisses down my belly.

I put my fingers in his hair and push him lower.

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the-moonzilla asked: Just wanna say hi and love your daily bits as always. :)

Hi and thanks for reading. I really appreciate it.

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"Hands," I say, snapping on the cuffs. "Turn around."

I kiss his belly, then stand and kiss his mouth; my hands on the back of his head.

Then I step back.

"I like you like that," I say, "so strong and hard and so mine."

"Was this your dream?" he asks.

"Oh, yeah, my dream, no it was way weirder," I say.

"Tell me," he says.

"It was this boy. He was like you but it wasn’t you. He came to the door and said he had something to tell me. Then we were sitting here at the table and he told me that he loved me and that he would do anything I wanted; be anything I wanted."

As I’m talking about the dream I’m using two fingers, stroking him, teasing him. He makes theses soft little moans.

"So I told him I wanted him to be my dog."

"Your dog?" Jesse laughs.

"Yeah. Then I fill a bowl with water and set it under the table."

"What then?" he asks breathing harder as I stroke him.

"He takes off all of his clothes and puts them in the trash and he stands in front of me and turns slowly around so I can see all of him. Then he gets down on the floor and starts drinking from the bowl. He’s got his bottom up and I can see his balls and everything and you know how I like that view."

"Mmmm," he says as I touch him with my tongue.

"You’re close," I say. "Jesse, do you want to be my dog?"

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