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Morsels From The Edge

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Love dog

I slide my hands under his shirt and kiss his belly.

Then he pulls my tee shirt over my head and unsnaps my jeans. He pulls them off.

He leads me to the bed; he touches me with his fingers.

"Turn over," he says.

His left hand on my bottom, his right between my legs.

"Lift up," he says.

And we do it like that, like dogs.

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Morning, love

It’s still dark and I wake up feeling him warm next to me.

His back is to me and I spoon up to him and play with his hair. I touch my tongue to his ear and he brushes it away, still asleep.

I run my finger down his side and he turns onto his back.

Exactly what I want him to do.

I love to feel him get hard when I take him in my mouth like this.

I’m the best alarm clock ever.

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